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Metro 2033 (PC) Review

Post-apocalyptic games have become the new black in the games industry over the last couple of years. Most of them are not worth mentioning, however, thanks in part to poor quality control. Nevertheless, the ones that are good are extremely good. Metro 2033 is yet another game that depicts the vision of a post-apocalyptic Moscow through the words of Dmitry Glukhovsky, a Russian author. It does so with such friendliness and comfort that it feels like an old friend is recounting strange tales he heard from his travels abroad. The book’s Russian version has sold hundreds of thousands of copies; it is available in English as well. The game itself was made by 4A Games, which is composed of STALKER alumnus, who skillfully transferred the words of Glukhovsky to the bits and bytes that you can see and experience on your computer screen. Yes, the game is good, though it has some rough edges.

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METRO 2033: The Last Refuge

Another survival-horror title will enter the market soon, courtesy of 4A Games who announced METRO 2033: The Last Refuge. Based on the cult masterpiece of Russian author Dmitriy Glukhovskiy, the game has the whole of humanity usurped by radiation and monstrous creatures with only one shelter remaining (sort of like The Matrix, but with radiation instead of robots).

In development for PC and PS3 for release during Q4 2008, the game will be a FPS with elements of RPG. It’s tough to sum it up in a few words, so please check out the full press release as it seems to be quite an interesting game.
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