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Bouder Dash Rocks! in Europe

EA and 10tacle have announced that they have signed a distribution agreement to release Boulder Dash Rocks! Across Europe this Holiday season. This remake of the cult classic is being developed for the PSP and DS.

Jörg Rohrer, Business Development Director at Electronic Arts Germany on the new edition of the famous diamond hunt, “We are incredibly pleased with the new approach the 10TACLE STUDIOS has taken on the classic Boulder Dash® brand. The game has been immensely popular throughout the years and offers an enormous amount of variety for a fun, casual digital gaming experience.”

This puzzle game made its original debut in the early 80s, having players collect diamonds while avoiding traps and beating opponents to reach them. The remake features a new multiplayer mode and three additional play modes, as well as two new game modes designed for the two different platforms.

Freeware BMW M3 Challenge Announced

bmw-m3-challenge_screenshot.jpgIt was announced earlier this week that 10tacle Studios, Europe’s largest independent developer, has developed and will publish a freeware game BMW M3 Challenge in anticipation of the release of the new BMW M3 Coupe.

The project is part of a free-of-charge distribution system that has been financed by a mid-six-figure development budget, carried by BMW and other sponsors through in-game advertising. The game is set to be released later this month ahead of the car’s release.

Additionally, 10tacle revealed that it is currently in negotiations with a world-renowned company looking to commission a comprehensive game project as part of an upcoming marketing campaign. They plan on beginning work on the project before the end of this year; the budget is said to be in the double-digit millions.

Totems Announced

From GC comes word that 10tacle Studios have announced TOTEMS, a “super-heroic” platform game for PC and Xbox 360. Scheduled for release in 2008, the game is inspired by the urban sport “Le Parkour” and features tactical elements. The environment will be used fully by player and enemy alike, thanks to the Semantic Environment Sensing System the game uses.

The game is being powered by the developer’s proprietary NeoReality Engine. It is based on an elaborate and original mythology, offering players the chance to explore a new world. Below are the first three screenshots.

Black Prophecy Details, Screenshots

10tacle Studios and developer Reakktor Media have revealed details behind Black Prophecy, their upcoming action-MMO. The game will take place in space and will emphasize on space exploration and deep space combat. It will contain both single-player missions and multiplayer battles, having players experience a story penned by award-winning German sci-fi author Michael Marrak.

By the mid 26th century humanity has conquered the universe and colonized countless planets. Yet life in space requires a great deal of adaptation. Bred for just these conditions, the cybernetically adapted Tyi and the biogenetically optimized Geniden have outgrown their creators to become the new ruling races. Their uncompromising battle for total mastery of space leads humanity into the sphere of influence of an ancient alien life form – a life form which tolerates no other cosmic civilizations but its own. In this battle against an overpowering enemy, players must first choose which of the two rival factions they wish to join as they try to save humanity.

The game is set for release during Fall 2008. Below are the first four screenshots.

Ferrari Games Racing Our Way

10tacle Studios has announced that it has concluded a licensing agreement with Ferrari to create video games using the Italian car manufacturer’s product palette and brand name. The two companies will work together on a number of computer and video games.

“The expansion of our racing portfolio is an important part of our strategy for growth. Ferrari is synonymous with automotive excellence in both sports and racing cars. A license to use the Ferrari brand name and cars is the best a computer games developer in this field can acquire. We will do our very best to recreate the passionate experience of driving a Ferrari as realistically as possible”, said Michele Pas, 10tacle’s chairman.

Codename Panzers on Next-gen Consoles and Handhelds

10tacle Studios and Stormregion have announced plans to bring the Codename Panzers franchise onto next-gen consoles as well as portables. Their announcement covers the Xbox 360 and PS3, with PSP and DS versions announced for handhelds.

The companies also announced Codename Panzers: Cold War for the PC; it will be the first game in the series to have a different setting than World War II.

No other details were announced, but more is expected at E3.