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Spider-Man zooms around New York in this trailer

Being Spider-man has its perks, I believe. Imagine swinging about New York City, grabbing breathtaking views from skyscrapers, and getting to your destination without having to go through any gridlocks. That’s what Beenox is trying to capture in the upcoming movie tie-in The Amazing Spider-Man. They have developed a context-sensitive system dubbed ‘Web Rush’.

Activating it will slow down time and let you select a route or course of action. Spider-man then pulls a wide variety of tricks to automatically perform that. It seems like a glorified context-sensitive menu, but hey, it should be fun, right?

The game is due out on PS3, Xbox 360, Wii, 3DS and DS on June 26. Check out the trailer below.

Lost Planet spinoff coming soon

tba-lost-planet-3-20120409100540212_640wBy way of Famitsu comes word of EX Troopers, a 3DS and PS3 spinoff to Lost Planet. The game will take place on a school academy and feature the fight between pirates and Akrid aliens.

Capcom hopes gamers will see it as a new title rather than a spinoff. It will have an anime look to it, and is being produced by Shintaro Kojima, a Monster Hunter veteran.

Development on the game is three-fifths done. No release date is known yet, though it will be present in playable form at a Capcom event next month in Japan.

In related news, Lost Planet 3 is due out for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 early next year.

Cave cancels two PS Vita games

cave_logoWord comes from Siliconera that Cave has shelved two PS Vita titles it was developing. It had announced the titles at Tokyo Game Show last year. They were a Sengoku-themed social game called Shirotsuku, and an untitled shooter.

It’s not known at the moment why Cave decided to abandon these games. The PS Vita has come under fire recently for being a bomb at retail. It has failed to meet Sony’s sales expectation, and has not been able to capture the demand of gamers around the world.

Second Vita Heaven event teased

sony_ps_vita_3g_unbox_7-580x369A teaser for the second “PlayStation Vita Heaven” has been spotted in Famitsu this week. However, there’s no specific date as of yet.

The first event was held in March. It was a collection of YouTube videos that showed off upcoming Vita games like Persona 4, Metal Gear Solid HD Edition, Soul Sacrifice, Phantasy Star Online 2, and more.

It is not clear at this point if the event will be held before, during, or after E3, which is due early next month.

FIFA 13 announced, promises major changes

FIFA_13Not wasting any time, EA has announced FIFA 13, the next release in the annual football franchise. And this time they’re offering a “revolutionary set of game-changing innovations.”

So, what does this hyperbole translate to? First off, the AI has been improved. They’ve also enhanced the dribbling system and have redone the Player Impact Engine. The career mode has also had some “major changes” in response to fan feedback.

The game is coming out on PC, PS3, Xbox 360, PS Vita, Wii, PSP, PS2 (!), 3DS, iOS, and other mobile platforms. It will also support Kinect and PlayStation Move.

Doctor Who: Eternity Clock out next week on PSN

From the EU PlayStation Blog comes word that Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock will be available on PlayStation Network from May 23. Those interested in a boxed copy can pick it up from stores starting May 25.

The PS Vita version won’t arrive till June 13. When launched, it will allow the two versions to share saves, letting gamers pick up their game for playing on-the-go.

The game follows the Eleventh Doctor and River Song on an adventure independent from the canon of the television show. Both characters will be voiced by their TV counterparts – Matt Smith and Alex Kingston. The usual monsters are expected in the forms of the Daleks, Cybermen, Silence, and more.

It is also going to hit PC later this year.

GameStop removing PSP inventory in 1/4 of all stores

It’s been seven years since the PSP launched, and the platform is only just retiring. New PSP games are still occasionally coming out, though it’s clear that gamers have moved on to new platforms such as 3DS and PS Vita, if not iOS or Android. Matching the diminishing demand for PSP games, GameStop is removing inventory from 25% of its stores.

The handheld and its games will still be offered at bigger GameStop stores, as well as online. The PSP may not be dead just yet, but it’s slowly fading away.

Soul Sacrifice coming from Mega Man creator

Impressed by the Soul Sacrifice teaser trailer? There’s more: the game has been revealed as a dark, horror title from Mega Man creator Keiji Inafune.

Inafune also has Dead Rising and Lost Planet to his credit. The game is targeted for a winter release in Japan. It is currently 50 percent complete and will support up to four players.

The game has you embodying a cruel sorcerer’s slave. You escape from being sacrificed by plunging into the pages of a demonic book. You grow stronger by experiencing the book’s battles first-hand.

The attacks are gruesome, fantastic, and sure to be sights to behold. They involve sacrificing various parts of your body. One such attack has you pulling out your spinal cord through your throat and brandishing it as a sword. You can also chop off your fingers and punch your enemies to death with the exposed stumps.

Abusing magic will deform your character, turning it into a demonic creature.

More details are expected soon.

Adventure Time to make 3DS “Mathematical”

adventuretimebox_22007.nphdWith a smattering of exclamation marks and proclamations of being ‘mathematical’ comes word that Adventure Time is making its way to DS and 3DS late this Fall.

The game, dubbed Adventure Time: Hey Ice King! Why’d You Steal Our Garbage?!, is being developed by WayForward with help from series creator Pendleton Ward.

It will follow Finn and Jake as they wake up to find all their trash stolen by the Ice King, who is using it to make a Gargbage Princess. Can’t wait to enjoy all the radical fun.

Resident Evil: Downfall rumored for 3DS

CLAIRE_REDFIELDVG247 reports that a new Resident Evil game for 3DS is in the works, though it is rumored at the moment. They cite another site, which had the game pegged as Degeneration-Damnation-Downfall 3D.

It should be pointed out that the subtitles are for movies available on the game cartridge, while the last one – Downfall – could be the new game. It’s supposed to take place somewhere between Resident Evil 5 and Resident Evil 6, and is said to feature Claire Redfield as she sees the “downfall of humanity”.

The site expects Capcom to announce the title at E3.