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Now ride your horse into battle in Skyrim

Skyrim-Mounted-CombatSo, yeah, you can now ride horses into battle in Skyrim. Mounted combat is coming to the game in the v1.6 patch, which is due out soon. However, Steam users can join in on the fun right now through the beta.

To get into the beta, all you have to do is go into Steam settings and check the beta participation section. You will then need to restart Steam, which will then notify you of beta updates for your games.

Bethesda notes that you should not overwrite your existing saves, and that you should back up your current saved games in the off chance they become corrupted. The only new feature is mounted combat; the patch mostly fixes bugs and other issues.

Team Fortress 2 getting golden wrench, life-extending machine


Valve was never content with just releasing Team Fortress 2. Since the game has launched, the studio has released tons of updates and content for the game, building on its lore. Take, for example, this Engineer comic, which hints at two major updates to the Engineer class coming soon to the game.

A metal called Australium is the first addition. It has some special properties and a golden hue. The second addition will be a life-extender machine, which, as you can guess by now, extends life.

The above has been confirmed through this video, which shows the use of the Australium wrench. This teaser video also shows some other possible goodies due for the update as well.

Resistance 2 DLC, Patch Incoming

Developer Insomniac has revealed that the first bit of downloadable content for Resistance 2 will be released today alongside a new patch.

The “Aftermath Map Pack” will offer three new multiplayer maps for the shooter – Aftermath, Pit Stop and Orick. There will also be six new skins for multiplayer characters, including two female models, each going for $0.99. The map pack will sell for $5.99.

Meanwhile, a free v1.50 patch will add two new multiplayer modes – Meltdown Mode and Superhuman Co-op – as well as bug fixes and the ability for a second player to log into their PSN account on the same console.

Team Fortress 2 Gets Multicore Support

A new patch for Team Fortress 2 officially adds multicore rendering support, allowing users with dual core and quad core CPUs to take better advantage of the money they spent on their computers.

It was a hidden console command at first, but even though it is now official and included in the GUI, Valve notes that it is testing the compatibility of the feature, so the option is turned off by default. You will have to manually enable the option in the game’s menu.

Other changes in the patch include crash fixes, improvements to the engine and more.

Snowblind DLC, Patch Heading for Gears of War 2

Gears of War 2 fans wake up! More multiplayer maps and another patch for the cover-heavy action game is due out by the end of the month.

The “Snowblind Map Pack” is due out on March 31, and will deliver four winter-themed maps: Grind Yard, Under Hill, Courtyard and a remake of Fuel Depot from the first game. While no pricing was given, the last multiplayer map pack sold for 800 Microsoft points ($10).

As for the patch, it will bring a new experience-based ranking system plus a variety of fixes when it is released on March 24. Hit the jump for full details.

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Today’s Demos and Patches

Today’s first demo comes from Certain Affinity, who offers a playable peek at Age of Booty, their casual real-time strategy title. It’s a 103 MB download from AtomicGamer,, FileFront, Gamer’s Hell and Strategy Informer.

The second demo is of Project Aftermath, which was recently updated to v1.16. The updated demo can be downloaded from AtomicGamer, FileFront, Gamer’s Hell, and Gamesonice, whereas the manual patch can be grabbed from FileFront and Gamer’s Hell.

Today’s last patch is of Grand Ages: Rome, which has been updated to v1.10. This version includes difficulty adjustments, UI improvements, multiplayer fixes and more. Grab it from AtomicGamer, FileFront, Gamer’s Hell, Gamesonice, Strategy Informer and The Patches Scrolls.

NFS Undercover Patch Released

The first patch for the PC edition of Need for Speed Undercover can now be downloaded from the game’s official website; PS3 and Xbox 360 owners of the game can get the patch automatically from PSN and Xbox Live, respectively.

The developers note that now the patch is complete, they are going to focus on producing some DLC for the game. Here’s a bit on what they had to say for the patch:

When he spoke to me last week Scott said that, while patch was mainly focused on improving the frame-rate, his team worked particularly hard to get as many other fixes into it as possible. A great example of this is the new difficulty system for expert gamers. If you’ve played the game a lot you’ll notice that the difficulty level ramps up much earlier than previously making the game much more of a challenge.

Far Cry 2 Multiplayer Going “Hardcore”

Ubisoft has announced that the upcoming patch for Far Cry 2 will introduce a new “hardcore” multiplayer setting to the PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of the shooter.

"The hardcore mode has been designed as an answer to a community request," wrote Ubisoft community developer Atmon on the game’s official forums. "Some players were seeking and expecting a more realistic experience."

Other changes in the patch include a new damage model with increased damage for all weapons, rebalanced weapons, spawning time being tweaked, and more.

No release date for the patch was given.

Sins of a Solar Empire Updated to v1.1

A v1.1 patch for Sins of a Solar Empire is now live after an extended beta testing period. The new version includes several enhancements, including network improvements, upgrades to graphics performance, improved graphics, mini-underground window, balance tweaks, AI fixes, and more.

This change log outlines all the changes made through the update. It can be downloaded through Stardock’s Impulse platform.

Crysis Wars v1.2 Patch

A new patch is now online for Crysis Wars, the multiplayer portion of Crysis Warhead, updating it to v1.2.

The patch can be downloaded from Rapidshare – it’s a direct download link courtesy of us. You can find patch notes for the new version here, which outlines balance changes, bug fixes and other things included in the update.