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Diablo 3 demo dubbed 'Starter Edition'

Better make sure your friends are picking up Diablo 3, because you’ll need the Guest Pass that comes with it to enjoy the game for free. Well, actually it’s a glorified demo, allowing gamers to play Act 1 up to the Skeleton King, and up to a maximum character level of 13.

Freeloaders will get access to the matchmaking feature, too, though it will only be with other ‘Starter Edition’ players. Oh, and you won’t be able to use the Real Money Auction House either.

Blizzard also announced the impending launch of ‘Character Profiles’. It helps track and present your progress in the game. You will be able to see your heroes and their skills and equipment. The studio also has plans to display artisans and achievements.

Watch Diablo 3: Wrath here

Diablo 3 is due out in less than a week. To celebrate its impending release, Blizzard has released a short animation that details the eternal conflict between angels and demons. Dubbed Diablo III: Wrath, the film has been made by Peter Chung (creator of Aeon Flux) and Metalocalypse animation house Titmouse.

The game is due out May 15. Check out the short below.

Prince of Persia: Assassins Shows Origins of the Stab-happy Gameplay of Assassins Creed

We all know just how awesome Assassin’s Creed turned out to be. But it wasn’t always that way. It originally started out as Prince of Persia: Assassins in 2004. The similarities are interesting, but it’s also easy to see just how different the final game turned out to be.

Anyways, check out this concept video that shows off the origin of Assassins Creed.

Download Star Prospector demo here

There haven’t been many playable demos for PC lately, so it’s nice and refreshing to see studios still cater for the platform seriously. Having said that, Crypstone Games has released a demo for Star Prospector, their recently released real-time strategy title.

It offers full access to the title’s features, and opens up all missions that are available in the first star system. Those looking for replayability won’t be disappointed: all the missions are randomly generated.

The developer offers regular download links, but you can save their bandwidth by grabbing the 156MB demo through this torrent. It’s hosted on a fast seedbox, so you won’t be disappointed. Seeding is highly appreciated.