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Speedball 2 on Steam

The action ballgame will hit Steam at the end of November 2007; the game will additionally use the service’s authentication system for the retail version. This will allow Frogster, the developer, to use a single master for multiple languages, to time retail activation worldwide by region and to control grey marketing and unauthorized activations.


Speedball 2 on XBLA

The classic combat sports game Speedball II: Brutal Deluxe will be available on the Xbox 360 via Xbox Live Arcade starting October 17, according to a recent announcement by Empire Interactive. A remake of the Bitmap Brothers classic, the game will feature the content as the retro version, but will also include the addition of more teams, downloadable content and high-definition resolution.

It will be available for 400 points.

Speedball 2 at GC

Frogster Interactive sends word that they will be present at the Leipzig Games Convention this week, showing off Speedball 2 and holding daily competitions at their booth. The Speedball 2 Arena at booth A02 in consumer hall 4 will be open to 1on1 matches with two champions daily winning one of the strictly limited Speedball 2 jerseys.

Also, Mike Montgomery of The Bitmap Brothers will be present for regular autographing sessions at the stand, which will also be host to presentations by the developers. Attendees will also be able to register for the open beta test of Speedball 2 starting this September at all gaming terminals at the booth.

Speedball 2 on Xbox Live

speedball_logo_with_glow.jpgThe excitement of Speedball is coming to Xbox Live Arcade soon, thanks to Empire Interactive who plans on releasing Speedball 2: Brutal Deluxe on the console.

A sequel to the Bitmap Brothers classic, the game is considered to be one of the best of all time. This Xbox Live Arcade version will enhance the classic game, all the while retaining all the classic elements that have made it a favorite.

No release date was set.

Speedball 2 Hitting This Year

Frogster Interactive announced that their Speedball 2 remake is due this Summer, following up on last year’s acquisition of rights to the Bitmap Brothers classic.

Set for release during the third quarter of this year, Speedball 2 will offer international leagues, a large-scale ranking system and a virtual marketplace, placing emphasis on multiplayer action. It will also offer fully customizable characters ranging from cyborgs to amazons, and more.

Bitmap Remakes Next Year

Bitmap Brothers fans can look forward to playing Speedball 2 and The Chaos Engine again! Word comes from Frogster Interactive that the publisher has secured the worldwide PC rights to the aforementioned titles and will be releasing them sometime next year.

The futuristic sports game series Speedball was first released in 1988 on the Amiga and was an instant triumph. Versions for almost every relevant system and highly successful sequels followed. The series got many awards, amongst others 1989 “Game of the Year” from The Golden Joysticks and “Best Original Game” from In-Din Arcade.

Action-shooter The Chaos Engine celebrated a similarly successful première in 1993. The Chaos Engine received numerous awards including the SEGA Award 1994 for “Best Action Game” and the Power Play Award for “Multi-player Game of the Year”.