PS4’s share button can be disabled by devs; Cage expects ‘water cooler effect’


The PS4 share button was an immediate nod to social media when Sony unveiled the console a few months ago. It will be used to share screenshots and videos, among other things, with other users on the web. However, there were concerns that it would be too open and would enable players to spoil games for others.

This is where SCE Worldwide Studios boss Shuhei Yoshida stepped in. He said that developers will be able to disable the share button during certain parts of their games. He revealed this in a Japanese interview translated by Edge.

This comes as relief to David Cage of Quantic Dream, though he’s not too worried about his narrative-driven games being spoiled. In fact, he notes that the share button would enable the “water cooler effect” effect the studio had with Heavy Rain.

“People talked about [Heavy Rain],” he noted. “They said, ‘I did this. What did you do?’”

Cage added that on the PS4 gamers would be able to capture and share their experiences of the game with their friends. “They are free to enjoy it the way they want,” he concluded.

He also talked about the new PS4 controller, adding that studios must embrace it and come up with new and interesting designs to enhance gameplay. Cage refused to talk about the studio’s PS4 project.


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