Leaked memo: next Xbox not to require always-on connection and will play Bluray

xbox logo

A leaked internal Microsoft memo is making the rounds claiming that the next Xbox will not require an always-on internet connection and will support Blu-ray discs. The memo, which refers to the console as “Durango”, has been sent to employees who are working on the project.

It was previously reported that the console would be “always on” in that it would be an anti-piracy measure, among other things. The console is also said to feature an HDMI input port so that it can overlay a TV interface on feeds from cable boxes, making it a set-top box.

Microsoft has faced quite a lot of backlash regarding this rumor. It has been especially harsh since the debacle with the new SimCity game, which didn’t properly login players at launch and also had lots of problems in the weeks following its launch.

The next Xbox is going to be officially unveiled on May 21. Call of Duty Ghosts is also due to be revealed during the event.

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