Wii U’s copy protection apparently broken


It wasn’t too long before Wii U’s copy protection would be broken. So, it doesn’t come as too much of a surprise as a group of hackers are now claiming to have played pirated Wii U games from USB media.

The group is said to have broken the console’s authentication system, disk encryption, and other related stuff to be able to play pirated games. They’re calling the device an “optical drive emulator,” which it claims uses an “embedded Linux system” and doesn’t require soldering. It is said to be compatible with all current models of the console.

Nintendo has said that it’s aware of the claims made by the group. However, it said that there have been no reports of its hardware being modded to play games.

The company has previously deployed software updates and model revisions to deter piracy on Wii. It’s not clear at this moment what this means for the console’s future. If its copy protection has indeed been broken, you can expect to see torrents of Wii U games going up quite soon.

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