Journey creator believes games are not “good enough” for adults

Following on from his previous comments that PlayStation users are more “adult minded”, Jenova Chen today stated that most videogames simply are not stimulating enough for grown adults.

Speaking to Gamasutra, Chen suggested that games need to include “relevant” themes to appeal to a more mature audience.

“For adults to enjoy something, they need to have intellectual stimulation, something that’s related to real life,” said Chen. “You also need depth. You have the adventure – the thrill of an adventure – but you want the goosebumps too.”

He is aiming for something like that with his next project, which is still under wraps.

“Can games make you and another human experience an emotion that’s deep enough to touch adults?” he asked. “I’m working on all of that. Making emotional games and making them intellectually relevant; making games where people can connect and come together.”

I look forward to Chen’s new game. Journey, his first title, has picked up glowing reviews from both publications and gamers.

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