Zombie mod increases ArmA 2 sales by five times

dayzlogoZombies are a recipe for success, or at least that’s what has happened to ArmA 2, which has had its sales spike to five times its norm, thanks to DayZ. It is a recently-released mod that adds zombies to the hardcore military simulation game. While it goes against the game’s ethos, developer Bohemia Interactive believes that it “creates an experience so addictive that [we] believe it can stand as a gaming experience of its own.”

The studio noted that it’s going to support the mod in the game’s next update. DayZ is still in alpha stage and was released as a tech demo/proof of concept by its maker.

ArmA 3 is already in the works. Will the mod be ported to it? The studio estimates that support for the mod could be “one year or more from now.”

You can download the mod and test it out for yourself right now. All you’ll need is a copy of ArmA 2.

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