Kinect application to track weight loss

microsoft_kinect_kids_playingThe Kinect is great at getting gamers off their couches. Some games are quite intensive, having gamers burn off quite a few calories with every session. Microsoft hopes to capitalize on this, with reports suggesting that Kinect Play Fit may be coming our way soon enough.

It is a wireless heart monitor, codenamed Joule, which runs across most Kinect games, tracking cumulative exercise and providing feedback. The device will work with tracking software, though it won’t be a mandatory component for the application to work. It’s being aimed at those who want to track weight loss, as well as those who have strength or cross-fitness workouts.

As expected, Microsoft is silent on the matter right now. A dashboard update for Xbox 360 is in the works, and the company is expected to announce more at E3 next month.

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