Alyssa Milano is Love Interest in Ghostbusters

Atari today announced that Alyssa Milano will be the new love interest in the forthcoming Ghostbusters: The Video Game. She is best known for her roles in “Melrose Place”, “Charmed” and “My Name is Earl”. Milano joins members of the original cast from the Ghostbusters movies.

Her character will be courted by none other than Bill Murray’s character, Dr. Peter Venkman, who will be going after Dr. Ilyssa Selwyn, who is described as a “smart and sassy archaeologist”.

In the game, Milano’s character, Ilyssa Selwyn, is an expert in Sumerian and pre-Sumerian cultures and is visiting New York City as guest curator for the highly anticipated ‘World of Gozer’ exhibition opening in 1991 at the Natural History Museum. In the story line, Gozerian mythology has attracted a wide popular following since the still-unexplained events and attacks that occurred in the city in 1984. Ilyssa is working late at the museum the night before the opening when a cataclysmic force is unleashed and summons an ancient enemy back to New York City. Strange events continue to erupt around her: what secret does she know? It’s up to the Ghostbusters to help Ilyssa find the key and stop the forces of evil that threaten the balance of the universe. That’s if they can keep Peter Venkman from hitting on her every three minutes.

The game is due out in North America on June 16 and worldwide on June 19 to coincide with the 25th anniversary celebration of the film’s original theatrical release. It will be available on PS3, PS2, Wii, DS and Xbox 360.

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