Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 Screenshots

Some new screenshots have been released from Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2, the sequel to the game that had you and your friends pretend to dress up in tighty whities and fight bad guys.

The game is due out later this year on PS3 and Xbox 360.

MUA2_-_2 MUA2_-_3 MUA2_-_4 MUA2_-_1


  1. Armani

    Hello my name is Armani i just wanted to say that im deprest because your game has not came out and me and my uncle have bin waiting for that game but im a huge fan but the reason y im like this is because i watched your marval ultimate alliens video and i seen your pics of the game and not to be rude but i wish you just could hurry wait you guys should come out with the game september 29 2009

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