Guitar Hero Xbox Live Weekend Coming

Since Activision is in party mode, the publisher has announced that it will host a Xbox Live weekend this month, letting players 14 years of age or older participate in a number of activities to celebrate Guitar Hero: World Tour.

The activities include an Xbox All NIghter on November 27; Play & Win sweepstakes from November 28 through 30; and Game with Developers on November 30 from 10pm to 1am GMT.

Those who play during the weekend can win special prizes, including Samsung home theater packages, 1GB memory sticks and more. However, most interesting will be the Game with Developers session where lucky gamers can have their ass whooped by the makers of the game themselves. Here are the people who are participating:

  • GHDevTina – Producer
  • GHDevLee – Associate Producer
  • GHDevCorey – Production Coordinator
  • GHDevAnthony – Midi Designer
  • GHDevChris – Midi Designer
  • GHDevJason – Lead Animator
  • GHDevZack – Junior Programmer
  • GHDevJosh – Jr. Sound Designer
  • GHDevKristina – Mocap Supervisor
  • GHDevJustin – Mocap Tech
  • GHDevAdry – QA Tester
  • GHDevBrandon – QA Tester
  • GHDevTravisR – QA Tester

You can check out the event’s official website for more information.

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