Football Manager 2009 Released, Patched

Football Manager 2009, the latest installment in the long-running football simulation series, has launched today along with a day-one patch that updates the game to v9.1.0 (build 26064).

Patch notes can be found in this forum topic. The patch itself can be downloaded from our very own Rapidshare link using a download manager.


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  3. ross

    For all the guys who crash when trying to play in 3d mode your pc resolution has to be in 768 x 1024 or whatever it is. then it will run. if not it will crash

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  5. craig

    my game was fine until i started a new data now it shuts off my laptop all the time and wont let me download patch or install the game

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  7. ibobat

    how can i install a new ptch once ive downloaded it?? which file do i have to caopy & paste it in?? also, i keep getting the crash dump error in my second season in July 09.. why does this happen?? please help….

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