Legendary Graphic Novel Released

legendary novel To promote the release of Legendary: The Box, Spark Unlimited announced today the release of a 96-page graphic novel adaptation of the game. Written by comic book veteran Mark Waid and penciled by Top Cow Production artist Martin Montiel, readers are given an insight into Charles Deckard, the protagonist of the game.

The comic book will focus on the backstory of Deckard, detailing how he comes to learn and be involved with Pandora’s Box, which unleashes monsters on the world once opened.

“Our primary focus at Spark is all about making Legendary an epic gameplay experience,” said Craig Allen, CEO of Spark Unlimited. “However, there was a lot more of the story we wanted to tell and so we reached out to Mark Waid and invited him to create a unique expression of Legendary’s characters and narrative as a graphic novel.”

The graphic novel is a somewhat expensive pickup, retailing at “all fine comic retailers” for $14.99.


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