Capcom Blames Rising Fuel Costs for Ailing Arcade Business

Capcom, one of the last remaining developers still making games for arcades, has blamed the declining Japanese arcade market on the rising cost of fuel, among other things.

Their latest earnings report shows “sluggish growth” in the ailing arcade market, even though the company opened up nine new arcade plazas across the country last year.

“There were several factors that negatively affected performance: the dissemination of home video game machines, intensified competition, declining popularity of card dispensing games for children, and the decrease of visitors to those arcades located in suburban shopping malls due to rising gasoline/petrol prices,” Capcom said.

The company notes that its arcade operating income took a huge dip in 2007 versus the previous year, leading to a nearly 10% drop in Capcom’s net profit for its arcade business.

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