Gothic 4 Name Change Explained

Remember how Gothic 4 was rechristened Arcania: A Gothic Tale yesterday? Gamespot follows up on their coverage of the game by offering a preview of the upcoming title, offering a segment that explains the name change for the North American version of the RPG. Here it is:

The name change serves two purposes. First, it hints at a world rich in magic and fantasy. Second, and completely from a marketing perspective, it helps give the Gothic franchise a fresh start in North America, where it has failed to gain significant popularity. And gaining popularity in the good old US-of-A is goal one for DreamCatcher. The team invested months of research into the differences between European and American gaming preferences, so much so that there will be two different color palettes for Arcania: North American (bright and beautiful) and European (muted and gritty). Truth be told, we didn’t notice much of a difference when DreamCatcher stopped by our office to show off a very early build of Arcania, but you have to admire the attention to detail.

The game is due out later this year.

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