MGS 4 Not Final Game in the Series

While Hideo Kojima went on record to say that Metal Gear Solid 4 would be the last game in the series, MGS4 producer Ryan Peyton believes it to be contrary to what they are cooking up for the series.

Speaking to MTV Multiplayer, Peyton confirmed that the series would live on after the fourth game, but that future games may not include Solid Snake at all, saying that all loose ends would be tied up in the coming game.

“I think there’s been some misconceptions that this is the last ‘Metal Gear,'” said Payton. “This is really just the last chapter of the saga of the Solid Snake story.”

He also talks about the Assassin’s Creed costume in the recently released joke video. It was the result of a collaboration between Jade Raymond and Hideo Kojima, he says, as well as Ubisoft. “It was kind of a last minute thing [and] we were really lucky enough to have Ubisoft be so enthusiastic about this kind of cooperation,” he said. “They worked overtime to get that costume into the game.”

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