THEY Joins NVIDIA's "Meant to Be Played" Program

The game has seen only ten months of development time, but has made its way into NVIDIA’s “The Way it’s Meant to be Played” program. THEY, the aforementioned game, is a mystery first-person shooter in development at Warsaw-based developer Metropolis Software; it is not expected to hit stores for PC and next-gen consoles until 2009.

THEY made its way to the program thanks to its “innovative technical and gameplay features” according to the announcement. Apparently NVIDIA itself is excited about the game, which will made use of DX10 graphics and more.

“This is one of the earliest points in the development cycle that a game has joined NVIDIA’s The way it’s meant to be played program, which gives you an idea of how excited we are about its potential,” said Phil Wright, head of Content Business Development of the GPU maker. “Even in this short time IMC and Metropolis have demonstrated proof of a professional approach and a trendsetting concept for the future. We are happy to have signed this title, which is already promising great things at such an early stage. THEY will be a real highlight for our new and upcoming graphics boards.”

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