Unreal Engine 3 Illuminated

Illuminate Labs, creators of rendering and lighting technology for next-gen games, has announced that it has signed a licensing agreement with Epic Games, one that sees the incorporation of the company’s Beast, a global illumination system, into Unreal Engine 3. Under the terms of the agreement, Illuminate will join Epic’s Integrated Partners Program (IPP) and its technology will be immediately available to any publishers or developers that license the engine.

The inclusion of Beast will allow artists to seamlessly add global illumination to development environments using the Unreal editor. It will also allow them to bake soft shadows with transparency and get skylights from HDR images.

“We are very proud to be part of Epic’s Integrated Partners Program,” said Magnus Wennerholm, chief executive officer of Illuminate Labs. “Visual quality and cost effectiveness in the production process are key issues to all games studios, and with this partnership UE3 customers will benefit from easy access to our advanced lighting technology.”

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