PS3 Update Adds DivX, Remote Play PS1 Games

A new firmware update for the PS3 is now available, adding the ability to play DivX encoded videos on the console. The v2.10 update also introduces Blu-ray profile 1.1 (known as Bonus View) that will enable PS3 owners exploit the potential of Blu-ray titles coming in 2008.

The update also offers a voice changer feature, enabling users to alter the tone and pitch of their voice from the control panel during AV chat. Finally, the update also adds VC-1, alongside DivX, video playback capabilities.

Meanwhile, the PSP was also updated to v3.80, gaining the ability to play streaming internet radio. Most interestingly, these updates allow even more interactions between the two platforms, letting users stream and play PlayStation games on the PSP using Remote Play on the PS3. This applies to both physical and downloaded PS1 games.

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