Tomb Raider Underworld Unveiled

go_underworld_33641.jpgThe latest issue of PLAY magazine offers the world exclusive first look at Tomb Raider Underworld, the first next-gen entry in the tomb raiding franchise. Being worked on under the care of Crystal Dynamics, the studio behind the critically well-received Tomb Raider Legend, the game will be a “thrill ride for anyone new to the franchise,” according to the article. “The emphasis is on bringing Lara’s world to life, a lush, vast interactive world that reacts and remembers.”

Some of the major aspects of the game are going to be persistent environments where footprints will be left in mud, dead bodies and destruction will remain and more. A new “hybrid lighting model” was also developed for the game, which will also feature a more fluid Lara Croft, who will have “proper weight and secondary motion”, among other things.

Underworld is expected to be released sometime next year on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.

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