Blacksite, Orange Box Demos, PSU Expansion on Xbox Live

A second demo for Blacksite: Area 51, the upcoming shooter sequel to the Nevada military base alien infestation, has been released via Xbox Live. It weighs in at 988MB and offers two levels from the game’s single-player campaign. The full game itself is already available in stores for PC and Xbox 360, with a PS3 version coming soon.

In more demo news, a playable sneak peek for The Orange Box is now available on Xbox Live Marketplace, offering people a sampling of Half-LIfe 2: Episode Two. It’s a 724MB download. Interestingly, Valve refers to this as the first one, indicating that demos of Portal and Team Fortress 2 are also in the making. It is currently not known whether a PC demo will be released or not.

The other major new piece of content to be added to the service was a 1.92GB expansion pack for Phantasy Star Universe: Ambition of the Illuminus. It adds new areas, missions, enemies, items and more for use in both single and multiplayer modes. The add-on is selling for 1600 Microsoft points.

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