New PS2 Slim Model for Japan

new-ps2-slim-model.jpgThe Japanese will be getting a redesign of the PS2 hardware later this month, as announced by SCEJ. The model is listed as SCPH-90000, and is a slight streamlining of the current slim PS2. It weighs in at 720 grams, which is about 200 grams lesser than the previous model, and replaces the power brick with an internal one without affecting the system’s dimensions.

Arriving in the land of the rising sun on November 22, the new model will be available in three different colors – black (pictured), white and silver. Unlike past rumors, the price will remain the same at 16,000 yen (approximately $140 US).

No announcements were made for other regions.


  1. Gino Chavez

    this is great if they come out with a new ps2 then that means they cant stop making games for the ps2 quite yet yes ha ha ha ps2 kicks ass woo hoo

  2. Gino

    probably cause the Ps3 is not doing as good as anybody thought it would so they might try to bring the Ps2 back Im just assuming

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