Anarchy Online Gets Virtual Item Sales

Adding a new layer to Anarchy Online, Funcom has launched virtual item sales within the game, allowing players to purchase items ranging from hover-bikes, social clothing, and pets to luxury apartments with real money. However, it is said that this will not affect gameplay balance.

The game will employ a points system that can be purchased in blocks of 10, 20 or 40 USD/EUR, where 100 points is equivalent to 1 USD/EUR (unfair for Europeans). As an example, a new hover-board starts as low as 300 points, but players can also purchase an entire range.

“This kind of system puts the choice in the hands of the players by allowing them to take as little or as much of the new content as they like,” said Craig Morrison, Game Director on Anarchy Online. “It really adds an extra dimension to what we can provide in terms of fun social items, designed to look cool while being something players don’t feel forced into. That extra element of choice has allowed us to add a much broader range of items than we might if we were simply targeting it into a self contained expansion.”

Paying subscribers of the game will get a set of monthly points included in the subscription price, with longer pricing plans like 6 and 12 months getting extra points.

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