Rez, Ikaruga Heading to Xbox Live Arcade

Last week saw a pre-Tokyo Game Show briefing from Microsoft, where the company revealed several new Japanese titles in development. These games are set to hit Xbox Live Arcade in the coming months.

First up is Rez, a trippy on-rails-shooter from Tetsuya Mizuguchi who is personally involved in the development of this downloadable title. Q Entertainment bills the game as a “direct port” of the original enhanced by high-resolution assets and 5.1 sound. The game is set for release during Q1 2008.

Another shooter – Ikaruga – will be available soon. This vertically-scrolling 2D shooter will feature the standard two-player cooperative mode of the original. It has been listed as “available soon,” so no release date yet.

Other games announced were Every Extend Extra Extreme, Exelica, Omega Five and EXIT, which was originally a PSP puzzle-scroller.

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