Pre-order Orange Box, Get into TF2 Beta

Valve has announced that those who preorder the Orange Box – containing Half-Life 2 Episodes One and Two, Portal and Team Fortress 2 – by October 10 will earn the right to participate in the beta testing of Team Fortress 2, along with a 10% discount and a casual game.

Those who have already purchased Half-Life 2 and the first episode before can give them away as ‘gifts’ to their friends or fellow Steam members who are yet to experience the awesomeness of the series. As a special bonus, those who pre-order will also be treated to a copy of Peggle Extreme, billed by MSNBC as one of the “most addicting games of all time”.

The Orange Box will be available on October 10 in North America and October 12 in the rest of the world at an estimated price of $50 on PC and $60 on Xbox 360.

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