Paradox Immortal

Another title to hit Q1 2008 is Lost Empire: Immortals, a new 4X strategy game signed by Paradox Interactive. In development at Pollux Gamelabs, the game tells the story of six playable races as they vie for domination of a vast empire. There will be various technologies that can be researched from a multilevel science tree as well as use the leaders of the empire as diplomats, space engineers, archaeologist and more.

“Pollux Gamelabs have impressed us immensely in the past, and we are confident that this title will be well received in the strategy gaming community worldwide”, said Fredrik Wester, Executive Vice President.

“Paradox has vast experience in doing strategy games, as well as great knowledge of the strategy game market. Their track record as well as being trustworthy makes them ideal publishing partner for Pollux and our upcoming title Lost Empire: Immortals”, said Søren Bisgaard, CEO Pollux Gamelabs. “This will be our best work yet and we look forward to reaching a global market together with Paradox”.

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