Killzone 2 Only Possible on PS3

Yes, we all know certain games can only be run on the Xbox (hint: Halo and Halo 2) and certain games only on the PlayStation (hint: Devil May Cry), but in this day and age you would developers would be smarter not to claim such things. Well, Guerilla Games has claimed just this: Killzone 2 is only possible on the PS3. In an interview with the Official PlayStation Magazine, the studio’s bigwigs revealed that developing exclusively for the PS3 is a “huge benefit” and that when developing for several platforms you always have to take “restrictions into consideration.” Well said words, but this is what stings the most: “[Killzone 2] would be difficult, if not impossible, to deliver on a competing machine.”

The game’s producer Ter Heide chimed in: “I would say [It’s] impossible. We literally can’t do this stuff on any machine other than the PS3.” He notes the use of Blu-ray on the console, citing the recently shown demo that used 2GB space.

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