GC 2007 Hotter Than Before

With the convention over, the organizers of GC 2007 sent out an announcement stating that they have attracted a total of 185,000 visitors to Leipzig this year, a slight increase over the past year. This figure includes 12,300 registered trade visitors, compared against 8700 of the past year. Exhibitors were happy too, with 85 percent saying that their participation in the event had had a great significance in the scope of their overall marketing activities, while 91 percent said that they plan on joining again next year.

“The GC 2007 has exceeded all of our targets. A high degree of satisfaction can be seen, not only amongst exhibitors and trade visitors, but also amongst the general public. This result underscores once again why the GC, as Europe’s leading fair in the industry, has an ideal home in Leipzig”, said Josef Rahmen, Managing Director of the Leipziger Messe.

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