London Games Fringe Announced

This year’s London Games Festival is shaping up to be quite an event, with over 40 events taking place all over the British capital, it will become mighty crazy. The organizers of the event are now calling independent game developers, distributors and smaller players to participate in the event. Here’s the deal:

In addition to events from large publishers and hardware manufacturers, London Games Festival will include a number of exciting events exploring aspects of interactive entertainment as culture, creative form and new markets. The fringe is designed to recognise that many computer games and most digital play falls beyond the scope of the games industry.

The Fringe will reflect a spectrum of activity: independent game development and distribution, participatory community play, the future of game design, artists’ games, live action role-play, augmented reality games, casual games, interactive storytelling and more. The Fringe will involve performance, exhibitions, master classes and seminars, participatory workshops and, of course, opportunities to play.

The London Games Fringe is open to anyone who wants to get involved. The festival is looking for people who are keen to create their own events under the ‘London Games Festival Fringe’ umbrella and will support these satellite events through online and print promotion, marketing support, partnerships and venue space. These may be seminar events, street games, performances or exhibitions.

Fringe events including a week long Game lab – developing new concepts and ideas, Sense of play – a game design symposium, and Head Trauma – a cinema based alternate-reality game. The festival runs from October 22 to 26.

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