AGEIA at GC; Mobile PhysX Card Announced

Hardware-accelerated physics is coming soon to laptops. AGEIA Technologies has announced the world’s first PhysX Mobile processor, the AGEIA PhysX 100M, for high-performance gaming notebook PCs. The physics processor will consume low power and thermal design with power dissipation of nearly 10W under gameplay conditions. It also includes active power management to throttle down the clock in high heat system conditions and reduce the clock when not active. Interestingly, the performance will be same to that of its desktop counterpart.

The 100M processor is available now and is expected to be included in new notebook models hitting the market soon. It is being showcased at the company’s GC booth.

AGEIA also sent word that it will showcase Warmonger, a new FPS from NetDevil, at its booth. The game, powered by Unreal Engine 3, features support for the PhysX processor and includes fully destructible environments and more. The company will also be showing off Unreal Tournament 3‘s physics support.

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