Chronos Twins in Autumn

UK based publisher Oxygen Games has announced the early autumn release of Chronos Twins for DS. A nostalgic retro platformer, the game sees the player stepping into the shoes of Nec, as he battles to save his world and also avenge the death of his brother.

To successfully complete levels, players must initially use both screens simultaneously as s/he plays across two temporal dimensions (past and present) in a bid to meet (and defeat) the nameless entity head-on when it first appears on Nec’s homeworld. Manoeuvring through side-scrolling areas, the aim is to control both the present-time hero whilst exploring the planet’s past in order to conquer the alien threats.

Chronos Twins has been designed with a gradual learning curve, which enables the player to ease into the game. Once the player has progressed through a number of stages, the game becomes increasingly challenging, when both screens merge into one.

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