Quake Wars Second Beta Coming

This lengthy post on the Enemy Territory: Quake Wars website talks about many things, among which is word of a second beta for the upcoming multiplayer shooter. They also offer details on the new Valley map as well as changes in the new beta, which is going to be released within a week or two. Here’s the scoop:

Last week I flew back to London from the E3 Business and Media Summit in Los Angeles. We demonstrated Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars on the PC and XBOX 360, so to get back and start reading so many positive previews has made everyone here feel great. I’m even more pleased about the recent announcement that ETQW has been nominated for two E3 Games Critics Awards; Best PC Game of Show and Best Multiplayer Game of Show – this should be good news if you’re in possession of a Beta key, because the build the journalists played at E3 was a preview of the Beta 2 build that we’re about to release to you! The build is in testing at Activision right now and will be initially released to the QuakeCon audience for BYOC play. We hope to have it to FilePlanet within the next week or two for a wide release to all of our public beta testers.

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