Deep Silver at GC

Deep Silver today announced that it will be present at the Leipzig Games Convention next month, showing off the following games at its booth:

ANNO 1701 – The sunken dragon: The add-on to the third instalment of the successful ANNO series (strategy; PC). Publisher: Deep Silver/Ubisoft

Ferrari Challenge: Realistic racing game from the famous Italian sports car manufacturer, with the official licence of the motor sports series of the same name (racing; PS3, DS, Wii). Publisher: Systemo3

Final Fantasy Tactics: Tactical Final Fantasy title featuring strategic, turn-based combat on battlefields in 3D (tactics; PlayStationPortable). Publisher: Square Enix

Flatout Ultimate Carnage: A brand new instalment of the successful, award-winning FlatOut series is launched just in time for the Games Convention. (racing; Xbox 360)- Publisher: Empire Interactive/Deep Silver

Secret Files 2: The sequel to Secret Files: Tunguska, the best German adventure game of 2006, which received several game of the year awards (adventure; PC). Publisher: Deep Silver

Heroes of Mana: Exciting real-time strategy featuring heroes and monsters from the MANA series (strategy; Nintendo DS). Publisher: Square Enix

Perry Rhodan: He is the world’s most popular astronaut, more famous than Neil Armstrong, Yuri Gagarin or John Glenn. Now, for the first time, the fictional hero will appear in his own adventure (adventure; PC). Publisher: Brain Game/Deep Silver.

Valkyrie Profile 2: Silmeria: State-of-the-art visuals and RPG combat systems from SQUARE ENIX, tell the story of a beautiful possessed princess caught in an epic struggle of the Norse gods. (RPG; PS2). Publisher: Square Enix.

The company also mentioned that it will announced further titles when part of the two trade fair highlights is presented at the beginning of next month.

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