Red Orchestra Update Teaser

On the Red Orchestra website is a tease of an upcoming summer update for the WWII FPS. Here’s the deal:

The first “BIG” announcement we have is a massive new map entitled – Krivoi Rog. This map is an all out long range tank slugfest featuring a playable area over 4 kilometers long by 4 kilometers wide and a viewable range of 3000 meters. Set on the plains of the southern Ukraine the level pits the heavily armored Tiger and early war Panzers against the speedy T34/76. The update also features a new tank variant – the Panzer IV G, as well as a new option to manually reload tank main guns, choosing the next round type first before reloading.

Next up we have added several new graphical enhancements to the game. The game now features an all new adaptive bloom system that aside from looking amazing also simulates the effect of the eye adjusting when looking at bright areas. For those of you that experienced a “blurry” effect with the old bloom system (especially at low resolution) you’ll be happy to hear that the all new bloom effect is crystal clear even at low resolutions. And for even more eye candy, Anti-Aliasing and Anistropic Filtering settings are now configurable in-game. Many of the devs and testers have commented that with these new settings RO almost looks like a new game!

Finally, the next update will include many new server admin requested features as well as a string of bug fixes and community requested tweaks. As this is just a teaser we won’t go into all of those just yet, but keep an eye on for more details coming soon. We will also be looking at opening up some beta testing for the community shortly, so keep a good look-out for news on that!

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