D3P at GC

D3Publisher sent out word that it will be present at the Leipzig Games Convention next month, showing the latest build of Dark Sector on PS3 and Xbox 360 among other titles. Here’s the deal:

Publicly playable for the first time, Dark Sector is Digital Extreme’s breath-taking third-person action title. Set within a plague-ravaged Eastern European city, the player is cast as Hayden Tenno, a Government Agent sent to investigate the heavily patrolled area, but inadvertently infected by a mutagen that is endowing him with ever-increasing powers. Armed with a unique Glaive weapon which can kill multiple targets with one throw, and with a host of adversaries beautifully tied in with the unfolding plot, Dark Sector is a stunning game that mixes exploration, action and puzzles with aplomb. Games Convention will be used to show the latest build of the title, which is now scheduled for a Q1 2008 release.

Ben 10: Protector of Earth is the first of two new Cartoon Network properties on show. Players assume control of the cartoon’s everyday hero Ben Tennyson, as he uses the power of the Omnitrix – an alien artefact embedded in his arm – to change his appearance to battle the evil Kevin 11 and arch enemy Vilgax. Due for release on Nintendo Wii, Nintendo DS, PlayStation2 and PSP (PlayStationPortable), Ben 10: Protector of Earth perfectly mirrors the adventures of the cartoon series and features a wealth of characters and situations from the popular Cartoon Network show.

Ed, Edd and Eddy: Scam of the Century stars the three ne’er-do-wells as they find their book of schemes stolen by Captain Melonhead and handed out to the local kids. Exploring a wealth of 2D locations, the three ‘heroes’ must pit their assorted skills and retrieve the book before their nefarious plots are used against them. Due for release in October for Nintendo DS, Scam of the Century marks a fitting video game misadventure for the misbehaving trio…

Further showcasing the variety of titles under the D3PE banner, Dragon Blade: Wrath of Fire is a massive role-playing title exclusively for Nintendo Wii. Set in a fantasy world devastated by evil dragons, a young warrior must locate the mythical Dragon Blade of the title – a weapon endowed with the powers of Dragons and capable of seeing off the fire-breathing monsters. Graphically stunning, Dragon Blade: Wrath of Fire uses both the Wii Remote and Nunchuck controllers to offer full control of the player and weapon, with movements from both realised in special attacks on screen. The game also boasts a storyline by Richard A. Knack, creator of the DragonLance range. With its upgradeable weapons and massive battles, Dragon Blade: Wrath of Fire will also be playable on the D3PE stand.

The company will also show off the Vicious Cycle development engine to interested game developers. D3PE can be found at stand K37, hall one.

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