WoW Playing Senator Found

bilde.jpgInstead of bashing games, this senator plays video games, and is damn proud of it. Pacific Daily News recently sat down with Sen. Ray Tenorio, a lawmaker from the state of Guam, who plays a level 70 Dwarf priest by the name of Paleray in World of Warcraft.

“What I like about World of Warcraft is it’s a great way to be able to reach out and connect with other people,” he said. “So many different people play — attorneys, accountants, geeks… all kinds of people.”

He also stated that he currently has no plans to move on to a different game, mostly because WoW adds new content regular. “There’s always something new to come back to,” he claimed.

Tenorio is a member of Guam’s 15-member unicameral legislature. More details on this gamer can be found on his official website.

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