Killzone 2 Wallpapers

This year’s E3 saw the release of two new pieces of Killzone 2 artwork, showcasing the Helghast soldiers. These images were provided in high-resolution format by SCEA, thanks to whom I can now offer you wallpaper-sized versions of the awesome artworks.

There are three wallpapers in three different resolutions: 2560×1600 (widescreen monitors), 1600×1200 (standard screen monitors) and 480×272 (PSP).

The following images were kindly provided by SCEA and thanks goes out to the original artists who did them. I only cropped, resized and did the wallpapers.

Here goes the first one:

Two more after the jump.

This is a variant of the Helghast soldier standing on a white background. Enjoy.

More wallpapers are in the pipeline, so stay tuned!

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