MACH Announced

Vivendi Games has announced the development of M.A.C.H. (Modified Air Combat Heroes), the first flight combat game for the PSP. In development at Kuju Entertainment, the game has players become outlaw pilots engaging in “deadly aerial contests of skill, speed and weaponry.” MACH will feature multiplayer action via Ad-hoc wireless or via Game Sharing in 11 planes and a variety of environments.

The game is slated to ship first in Japan later this month. It has been well received by Japanese publication Famitsu, who described it as “the ultimate racing battle.” MACH is scheduled to ship in UK this Spring. Further details can be found after the jump.

M.A.C.H. Prologue

In the year 2049, the governments of the world switched to unmanned aircraft for combat in an attempt to save lives. By doing so, they decommissioned thousands of jets and their fighter pilots, ironically destroying the livelihood of those they were trying to save. Years later, these planes appeared on the black market and were sold to the highest bidders. It wasn’t long before an underground emerged, featuring ex-fighter pilots, smugglers and wealthy hobbyists piloting the decommissioned aircraft. In a competition of fight and flight, these pilots heavily modify their jet fighters to outrace and out duel the competition to win fame, glory and fortune. Welcome to the world of M.A.C.H.

M.A.C.H. Key Features

Rise through the ranks by defeating rivals and unlocking customized parts and planes for enhanced speed and weaponry – 180 over-the-top configurations are possible across 11 planes. Gamers will take to the skies for intense aerial racing action and deadly air-to-air combat throughout a variety of environments. They can also choose from multiple gameplay modes including:

  • Arcade – Arcade mode is designed to throw gamers into the action as quickly as possible and, although only one plane will be available initially, progressing through the Career mode and unlocking other planes will gradually give access to the full Arcade experience.
  • Career – This mode consists of a collection of high-octane tournaments spread over various landscapes. As gamers progress through their career from a Rookie through Pro, Ace, Elite and finally to a combat Hero, they’ll gradually win access to enemies’ planes and earn cash. This, in turn, will enable players to upgrade capabilities and keep up with the competition.
  • Challenge – Each tier consists of five challenges – MACH Melée, MACH Dash, Time Check, MACH Lap and Dog Tag – set across different locations in the quest for ultimate glory.
  • Multiplayer – Players race or dogfight against up to eight rival PSP system owners – over an Ad hoc wireless network or via Game Sharing – for the ultimate deathmatch experience! (Game sharing mode requires only one copy of M.A.C.H.)

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