E for All Expo Announced

E for All

Dubbed as the successor to E3, IDG World Expo has replaced the placeholder title of ‘GamePro Expo‘ with ‘E for All‘, their annual gaming convention. There was a recent content where gamers were invited to submit their name proposals; over 3000 entries were received and this was the winning entry by California resident Dante Padre.

When asked what inspired his name submission, Padre said: “This show seems to be about inviting everyone to participate; they even asked gamers to create the name. Unlike other industry-only events, this show is for everyone. Now everyone will have the opportunity to experience the excitement, the entertainment, and the early look at the industry that’s only been available to insiders before.”

As he said, the show will be open to consumers, but will also include high-profile videogame tournaments, job fair/networking opportunities, the highly acclaimed Video Games Live concert and more.

The expo is scheduled for October 18-20, 2007 at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

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