Oblivion Expansion Revealed

PC Zone February 2007 CoverCVG reports that the February 2007 issue of PC Zone reveals the first details on Shivering Isles, the first expansion pack for Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. Snipping from the magazine article, the add-on will see 30-plus hours of gameplay, new quests, monsters, expanded free-form gameplay and a new land “that you can watch change according to your vital life-or-death decisions.”

Setting the scene, it’s explained that an ominous-looking gate has opened in Nibben Bay, the portal leading to a torn realm – the Shivering Isles – ruled by Sheogorath, the god of madness and dementia. Apparently, adventurers will meet the god and “plough through his trials”, but it’s additionally hinted that ultimately we may well be usurping the deity. A ETA of Q2 2007 has been given.

The issue, which is already available, has first screenshots and further information on the expansion.

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