Wii Next-gen Leader in Japan

The latest numbers are in from Japan, and the initial next-gen console winner in the country is Wii. Both Sony and Nintendo had their second-best week in Japan, following their launches last month, with the Wii selling more than 543,000 units in the last two months; the PS3, in comparison, has sold only around 225,000 units, barely half of Nintendo.

The Wii sold 108, 237 units during the last week, with the PS3 coming in second at 70,942. As expected, Xbox 360 is the undoubted loser: it has only managed to sell 71,000 units since its launch last year, though its sales have increased alarmingly due to the recent release of Blue Dragon, a Japanese developed RPG.

On the software front, Wii dominated the charts, with Wii Sports and Pokemon: Battle Revolution making it into the top ten. The highest-selling PS3 game ranked in at a lowly number 35 in the chart that was dominated by PS2 and DS titles.


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