Sims Get Seasons

Milking the cash cow that is “The Sims”, EA has announced yet another expansion pack for the game, which people just don’t seem to get enough of. Dubbed ‘Seasons‘, the expansion will allow players to ruin run the lives of their Sims, all the while enjoying “spring, summer, autumn and winter”.

The expansion will let Sims wear seasonal clothes, but that’s only the beginning: each season will offer unique benefits, impacting the Sims relationships, mood, skills, careers and more. There will also be seasonal activities such as building snowmen, going snow-skating, taking a dip in the pool, etc. Besides the seasonal changes, the expansion will also add to the Sims’ wardrobe, add new talents and six new careers, along with enhanced visual effects and more.

The Sims 2: Seasons will be out in March 2007 and will require a copy of the base game to run.

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