Aliens at Sega!

ALIENS!Bringing the classic franchise back is Sega, who has signed an exclusive agreement with 20th Century Fox to develop new titles based on the Alien film franchise. The company disclosed that multiple titles are in development, including a first-person shooter and a RPG, with the first due in 2009.

“As a direct result of Fox’s efforts over the past 27 years, Alien has become one of the most recognised franchises in the motion picture industry,” said Simon Jeffery, President and Chief Operating Officer, SEGA of America, Inc. “SEGA will utilise the power of next-gen systems to blend the time-honoured story with leading edge design technology to deliver a riveting and suspenseful gameplay experience.”

“Alien is one of those special franchises that has continued to thrive in licensing long after it has left theaters. The L & M program has been very successful over the years because we have partnered with the best companies in each category and created appealing products that become must-haves for the extremely loyal Alien fans.” added Elie Dekel, Executive Vice President, Fox Licensing & Merchandising. “We look forward to partnering with SEGA, a known leader in the gaming industry, to expand the program to the next generation gaming systems and bring the franchise to life with the newest technology and gameplay.”

Sega has put up a dedicated site for the upcoming Alien games.


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