20 PS3 Games in Development at Take-Two

The guys over at Take-Two Interactive have been working overtime on the PS3: the publisher has announced twenty games in development for the console, with more than seven titles from Rockstar Games; there are also eleven additional titles planned for release under the 2K Games and 2K Sports brand.

Notable titles in the announcement include The Darkness, Grand Theft Auto IV, L.A. Noire, NBA 2K7, NHL 2K7, The BIGS and more. Detailed descriptions inside.

NBA 2K7, available day-one of the PLAYSTATION 3 system launch on November 17 as the only third party NBA video game for the PLAYSTATION 3 system, storms the court as the finest next-generation basketball experience with high definition quality visuals. NBA 2K7, the #1-rated basketball video game series for five-straight years*, supports full 1080p, bring fans closer to the NBA experience with enhanced Signature Style animations and new free-throw shooting using the exclusive PLAYSTATION 3 system SIXAXIS wireless controller.

NHL 2K7 for the PLAYSTATION 3 system, available November 17 as the only NHL video game at launch for the PLAYSTATION 3 system, breaks away from the competition, bringing stunning realism and authenticity to the game. Boasting new enhanced graphic details and improved responsive gameplay, NHL 2K7, featuring San Jose Sharks center Joe Thornton, utilizes the exclusive PLAYSTATION 3 system SIXAXIS wireless controller in two key features. When using Crease Control™ – NHL 2K7’s unique goalie perspective feature – goalie movements are tied to the SIXAXIS wireless controller. Also, players can check opponents by quickly moving the PLAYSTATION 3 system SIXAXIS wireless controller toward the direction of opposing players, bringing a fresh and unique hockey experience on the PLAYSTATION 3 system.

The Darkness
Infusing innovative gameplay and storytelling elements, The Darkness, shipping in spring 2007, provides a unique first-person shooter (FPS) gaming experience that takes place in a dark and gritty New York City. The Darkness is being developed by Starbreeze, who revolutionized the FPS genre with its award-winning title, The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape From Butcher Bay. With The Darkness, Starbreeze again raises the bar and delivers immersive first-person action/horror gameplay that allows players to wield an assortment of guns and utilize horrific powers like demon-summoning. The Darkness is based on the cult-hit comic book “The Darkness,” which is published by TopCow and features a story written by Paul Jenkins, the famed comic-book author of Civil War: Frontlines and Wolverine: Origins.

Grand Theft Auto IV
Developed by world-class designers Rockstar North, Grand Theft Auto IV is the next-generation console debut of the genre-defining, blockbuster Grand Theft Auto franchise. Grand Theft Auto IV will be in stores in North America on October 16, 2007 and in Europe on October 19, 2007.

L.A. Noire
Rockstar Games, in partnership with Team Bondi, are developing L.A. Noire, a ground-breaking next generation crime thriller. L.A Noire is an interactive detective story set during the classic late 1940’s noir period in a perfectly recreated Los Angeles before freeways, with a post-war backdrop of corruption, drugs and jazz. L.A. Noire will truly blend cinema and gaming with action, detection and complex storytelling that will draw players into an open-ended challenge to solve a series of gruesome murders.

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