Bad UK Dancers to be Exposed this Holiday Season

Oxygen Games has taken it up to itself to expose bad dancers around the UK this Christmas. Featuring ‘dare to be seen’ dance routines and challenges, Dance Fest for the PS2 will be dancing its way to stores this holiday season. The game will include songs from Sugababes, Pussy Cat Dolls and Steps, and will feature multiple modes as well as multiplayer options. It will retail for £20.

Also coming to the PS2 is Street Dance from the abovementioned publisher. Featuring songs from Kelis, All Saints and The Pussy Cat Dolls, as well as a broad range of this decade’s best-loved R&B hits, the game will include multiplayer function and a recorder mode. There’ll also be a built-in calorie counter that will come in handy for fat gamers. Street Dance will also retail for £20.

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