UBO 2006 Subscriptions Open

If you’re a sports AND MMOG fan, then you’re sure to love Ultimate Baseball Online 2006, which Netamin announced is now open for play. The company is offering subscriptions for the world’s first MMO Sports game, including “Lifetime” subscriptions starting at $7.95 a month with no price increases for the life of the subscription. This offer will be valid till October 25, after which the regular monthly fee of $9.95 will be offered, with discounts for semi-annual and annual subscriptions.

UBO 2006 is being offered as a free download and free entry-level play, including the ability to create characters and play pickup games and some tournaments. Netamin will be hosting the Ultimate Baseball Championship, an annual competition where winners of UBO League play and tournaments compete for the title of Best UBO Team. Over $10,000 in cash prizes will be awarded, with the first playoffs starting in late 2007.

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